DeRonn is an INTERNATIONALly-acclaimed wedding, PORTRAIT, and event photographer based in New York City.


Some people say that we chase the things that we love, but for me, photography has always chased me. I've always had an eye for detail and story and being able to step back and see a situation. And with a camera, I see the power that it has in other people's lives. It gives me great joy to see people and watch them come alive in front of the camera - to see people who were once nervous to entrust me with being vulnerably themselves and to see the beauty in who they are. As a visual storyteller, I believe that good photo storytelling requires looking for details. Big stories are usually built from a string of many details. I have found that the extra effort required to notice details often teaches me more about enhancing the photography experience for both the client and myself.

A traveler at heart, I have visited nearly 60 countries across six continents as well as lived and worked abroad in one country (Ghana) so far. Through my passion for visiting new countries around the world, experiencing new cultures, and embracing the unknown I have found a distinct place for my photography with my inquisitive and engaging personality coupled with my need for artistic expression. 

I am a seasoned destination wedding photographer, having photographed couples in Brazil, Cameroon, France, Italy, Jamaica, Morocco, South Africa, and throughout the US. I am known for my use of gorgeous natural light, epic settings, an eye for style, and creating timeless photographs. My work has been featured by The New York Times, Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, BuzzFeed, CBS, The United Nations, and more. 

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Client Testimonials

"The questions DeRonn asked during his consultation provoked me to think about the theme and feel of my shoot in ways that I hadn't considered. I knew what to expect because DeRonn's responses were prompt and anticipated many of my grey areas. DeRonn even managed to make the rain work in our favor with glistening cobblestone. Genius!"
- Sherlly
"I really enjoyed the photos. I felt I received a large array of styles, backgrounds, poses and looks, which allowed me to use different photos in different contexts. I am also big on the quality and “sharpness” of images and DeRonn satisfied that requirement very quickly."
- Nicolas
"I thought the photos were absolutely amazing. Each photo literally has its own personality and identifier. Every photo gives a genuine truth and organic sense that doesn't feel over edited or heavily retouched. There's a perfect blend of natural lighting, natural expressions, as well as DeRonn capturing natural moments that makes the photo come alive."
- Stephanie

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